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epson et 2550 network connect setup

Epson ET 2550 Network Connect Setup

Epson ET 2550 Network Connect Setup Helps User To Connect 2550 and PC together. ET 2550 is the All-in-One Printer from Epson and it has Fantastic Numbers of the Features like Wi-Fi Networking, Copy, Scan Functions and Google Cloud Print.

Epson ET-2550 Printer has awesome features like Auto-Duplex Printing, built-in Fax, Flatbed Design for Copying and Scanning, Automatic Document Feeder, and an Individual Color Tanks.

When it comes to the Epson ET 2550 Printer Functions then it includes Wi-Fi Direct, Networking, PictBridge, and Wi-Fi Auto Connect. It is considered as the definite improvement rather than its previous series. Setting up the Epson Printer is the Easiest Process when you follow Instructions.

Instructions for Epson ET 2550 Wireless Setup

If Epson ET 2550 Printer Setup for the First Time, then you might face some difficulties during Epson ET 2550 Wireless Setup. In such kind of situation, take Advantage on the Instructions which available on ET 2550. Different methods are there to use ET 2550 Epson Printer on the Wi-Fi Network like Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS),
Changing or Updating Network Connections, Wi-Fi Direct Mode Setup, Wi-Fi Infrastructure Mode Setup, Printing the Network Status Sheet.

Epson ET-2550 Wi-Fi Infrastructure Mode Setup

You can Easily Install ET 2550 Printer to Computer through access point or Wireless Router. If you want to Setup the Wi-Fi Infrastructure, you must have certain things like Computer with Wireless Interface, Epson ET 2550, Internet, Access Point or Wireless Router, and Ethernet Cable.

  • Use ET-2550 Control Panel, change or pick Wireless Network Settings. If you wish to Install the Epson ET 2550 Printer over the Wireless Network, choose Start Here Sheet.
  • Once, you Visit it then you can get an idea about how to install your Desire Software.
  • Installer Program might guide you via Epson ET 2550 Printer Network Setup.
  • Actually, Epson Printer is not Dependable to Recover or Back-up Data after or during the Service Contract Period.
  • Follow instructions to Epson ET 2550 Wireless Setup.
  • If necessary, choose the Home button. To choose Wi-Fi Setup, choose the Arrow button.

epson et 2550 wifi infrastructure mode

  • To pick Wi-Fi option, select the OK button. After that, choose Wi-Fi Setup Wizard. Similarly, enter your Wireless Password.
  • If you Desire to Print the Network Setup Report, choose the Begin button. At Last, pick the Home button to Exit.

  Note: In case, Wi-Fi symbol is not lit on a LCD Screen; you might wrongly enter the Password or Network Name. So, repeat the Instructions and try again.

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epson et 2550 wifi protected setup

Suppose your Network is using WPS-Enabled Access Point or Wireless Router, you might Instantly have to do Epson ET 2550 Connect setup by using WPS

Epson ET 2550 Wi-Fi Protected Setup

If you want to check whether the Router is WPS is Enabled or not, then look for the WPS button at your Access Point or Router. Suppose you didn't find Hardware button, there may be the virtual WPS button at your Software for the Device.

Suppose you have WPS Enabled Router then you Wi-Fi Protected Setup for connecting Epson ET 2550 Printer to the Network. Following instructions are really Beneficial to Connect to the Network Such As:

  • Pick the WPS button from the Router.
  • After that, choose Home icon. Choose Arrow button which helps to select Wi-Fi Setup.
  • You are always Advisable to follow the procedures on a LCD Screen for completing the WPS Setup.
  • Finally, examine the Settings Option which shows on a Network Status sheet to fix any Epson Printing issues which you have.

  Note: If possible, make a note of the Password and SSID which appears. Suppose you want to Change the Password, look at the Epson Page.

Epson ET-2550 Wi-Fi direct Mode Setup

In this Epson ET 2550 Set up, you can Easily Setup Epson Printer for communicating directly with Another Device or Computer without needs of Access Point or Wireless Router. Excellent processes are available for Epson Wireless Setup like:

  • Peer-To-Peer Wireless Setup Mode
  • Access Point Wireless Setup Mode

Access Point Mode might act as the Network Access Point for Four Devices. Once you operate in this Mode, Epson Printer might exhibit AP Connection Symbol on a LCD Screen. Peer-to-Peer Mode communicates with Wi-Fi Capable Device. When you operate in this node then Epson ET 2550 may display D or Direct Connection Symbol.

If you want Peer-To-Peer Mode Connection, just release the Connection for your Computer from the computer or other kinds of the Devices. Choose it from a Web Config utility which helps to enable the peer to peer mode which under the Network Settings → Services → Wi-Fi Direct.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Direct mode in Epson ET 2550?

Once you enable Wi-Fi Direct mode then it allows for direct communication between your Computer.

Epson ET 2550 Printer without the Access point or Wireless Router. After that, follow below procedures like:

  • Choose Home button and pick Arrow button for choosing Wi-Fi Setup.
  • At the same time, press Wi-Fi Direct and press OK.
  • Likewise, press OK for Three more times to complete the Printer Setup.
  • You might see Icon on a LCD Screen and it must be able to link 2550 Printer from your Device or Computer. Suppose you print from the Computer, Be Sure that you installed the Appropriate Epson ET 2550 Software.
  • Suppose the icon displayed on a LCD Screen, your Wi-Fi Direct Mode not enabled. Repeat the Same Instructions and Try Again.

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