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Epson ET 2550 Windows 10 Setup

Epson Expression ET 2550 is compatible for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. You can Download
Driver and Software from Epson Website for free of charge. In this article you can get the information
how to Download Driver and Software of Epson ET 2550 Printer Setup for Windows 10.

  • Turn on your Computer and the Epson ET 2550 Printer.
  • Place Epson Printer and Computer close to each other over a Same Network.
  • Be sure, they had connected properly or not.
  • Now, open to get Instant Epson Printer Assistance.
  • Then, Epson Page will open.
  • After that click on the Support Button which is present at top of the Epson Homepage.
  • Now, you have to hunt for Epson Expression EcoTank ET-2550 Printer.
  • For that, enter printer model as ET 2550 and then click on Search button.
  • Then, Driver & Manual section will displays on the Screen.
  • The Web Page Automatically discover you Operating System that your PC having.
  • If it didn't Detects Automatically, then go to Drop Down menu and choose your Operating System that you need.
  • Then, the Web Page splits into two sections one is Driver & Software section and other is Manual & Documentation section.
  • Go to Driver & Software section and choose Drivers in that.
  • There you will find two sections one is Printer Driver and other one is Epson Scan.
  • Then, click on the Printer Driver and press Download button.

epson et 2550 windows 10

  • Now the Software Download begins.
  • After completion on Downloading save the Downloaded File in one location that you need.
  • Then, open the Downloaded File and double click on the .exe file to start the Installation Process.
  • You have to follow the On Screen Instructions to complete the Installation Process Successfully.
  • Finally, click on Finish button to complete the Installation Process.
  • Now, test for printing to check whether Software Installed properly or not.

Epson ET 2550 Driver doesn’t Install Properly for Windows 10

After Completion of Epson ET 2550 Software Setup check or verify whether Printer is working properly by doing test for
printing if problem persists there may be chance some of files might not install
properly. To resolve this issue go through following steps.

verify epson et 2550 driver

  • Initially, turn on et-2550 Epson Printer and make sure it had connected with your PC that is having 10 Operating System.
  • Now, turn on your Computer.
  • Then, go to Windows button and click on it.
  • From the menu choose Control Panel and click it.
  • Go to Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → View Devices & Printers.
  • Then, a Window shows the available Printer list that you had previously installed.
  • If you are having Epson ET 2550 in that list then click on it.
  • Otherwise, go to Add Printer that which presents in view Device and Printers Option.
  • Now, tap on Add a Local Printer or Network with Manual Settings Option.
  • Then, click on Next button.
  • You can Install Successfully by following the On-Screen Instructions.

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How to Uninstall ET 2550 Applications in Windows10?

You can Uninstall any Application or Program or any Software Divers from Windows 10 by following the below basic steps:

  • Initially turn off Epson ET 2550 Printer.
  • Then, close all the running programs on your PC.
  • Now, go to Windows button and click on it.
  • Then, choose Control Panel and press it.
  • Select Programs Option that present in Control Panel of your Computer.
  • After that go to Programs → Uninstall Program, click on it.
  • Now, choose the Application or Program that you want to Uninstall.
  • Then, click on Uninstall/Change or Uninstall button.
  • For Completing the Uninstalling Process follow the On Screen Instructions.

epson et 2550 applications uninstall

Duplex Printing With Epson ET-2550 on Windows

Duplex Printing means Printing on two sides to reduce the Consumption of Paper and energy of the Printer. It also reduces the printing cost. For Printing on both sides follow the basic steps:

  • Make sure, that ET 2550 Epson Printer and your PC had turned on and also check whether they had connected to each other.
  • Then, load the paper in the Input Tray of Epson ET-2550 Printer.
  • Now, open the file that you want to Print.
  • Access the Printer Driver Window from the Control Panel of your PC.
  • Choose Manual or Manual from 2 Sided Printing on the Main tab.
  • Then, set other items if you necessary by using main and more options tab.
  • Then, click on the OK button.
  • Now, click on the Print button.
  • After that Follow the Instructions and Complete the Printing Process.
How to Print Multiple Files Using ET 2550 on Window 10?
  • Initially, load the Paper After Epson ET2550 Printer Setup.
  • Now, open the File or Document that you want to Print.
  • Access the Printer Driver Window now.
  • Then, choose Jon Arranger Lite which presents on Main tab.
  • Close the Printer Driver window by clicking on OK button.
  • Now, click on Print button.
  • Then, Job Arranger Lite Window will display and the Print Job is added to the Print Project Option.
  • Now, open the file that you want to add with the current file by opening Job Arrange Lite Window.
  • Then again, Access Printer Driver Window
  • Now go to Main tab → Job Arranger Lite → OK
  • Then, click on the Print button.
  • If you necessary to edit Print Project, then choose Layout and Edit menu option in Job Arranger Lite Window.
  • Then, choose Print button from the File menu.

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