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epson et l4150 wireless setup

Epson ET L4150 Wireless Setup

Epson ET L4150 Wireless Setup Helps To Utilize Wireless Features for Printing from Tablets and Smartphone. And also it has Card Slot. Without having buttons, it has LCD Screen so Easy to Operate.

Epson ET-L4150 Prints up to 4000 Pages in Black-White and 7,500 pages in Color. By seeing this mean the Cost of Printing is so less. The advanced Feature of Epson ET-L4150 Printer is it has an Ink Tank system with high capacity, so there is no need of any Ink Cartridges.

Wireless Setting From Epson ET L4150 Control Panel

You can Choose or Change Epson ET L4150 Network Connection Setting as Wireless using
Control Panel. Follow the instructions on the Start Here Sheet and
Install Software that needs for you.

  • Click Home button.
  • Choose Wi-Fi Setup and Press OK.
  • Pick Wi-Fi option and press OK button.
  • Then, use Wi-Fi window opens and click OK.
  • Now, choose Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and hit OK.
  • Select your Network Name by using the up and down arrows and hit OK button.
  • If your Network Name didn't find in the existing list then you have to enter Network Name manually.
  • Then, enter your Wireless Network Password by following below instructions
  • To scroll through characters, use up and down arrow buttons.
  • Click right arrow button to move to next character.
  • For switching between upper case to lower case characters use Home button.
  • After finishing entering the password, click OK button.
  • To print Network Setup Report you can use Start or Stop button.
  • Click on Home button to exit.

epson et l4150 wireless control panel

  • Now, the Wi-Fi Symbol on the LCD Screen should blink a light.
  • If it is not blinks, you may enter wrong Network Name and Password so repeat the above steps.

 Note: If you are entering Network details manually, choose SSID and click ok button. If you didn't find your Wireless Networks Name, then enter your Network Name manually.

epson et l4150 wps wireless network

Connecting Epson ET L4150 To Wireless Network

If you are having a WPS Router, then you can use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for Epson ET L4150 Printer Connect Setup

  • Click WPS button on your Router.
  • Then, go to Epson ET-L4150 Printer and press Home button.
  • Choose Wi-Fi Setup option and hit OK button.
  • Then, select Wi-Fi button and click OK button.
  • By using the arrow buttons choose Push Button Setup (WPS) and touch OK option.
  • Follow the instructions that are displaying on the LCD screen for completing WPS Setup Process.

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Setting up Wi-Fi Direct Mode For Epson ET L4150

Without using any Router you can set your Computer and Epson ET-L4150 Printer to
communicate directly by using Wi-Fi Direct Mode. This can be done
by using any one option below.

Using Epson ET L4150 Access Point Mode

  • While using this option Epson printers ET L4150 itself act as a Network Access Point and it can connects up to any 4 devices.
  • Then, Epson et-l4150 Printer displays an AP or Direct Connection Symbol on the LCD Screen when you are using this option.

Using Epson ET L4150 Peer-To-Peer Mode

  • In order to enable Peer-To-Peer mode for ET-L4150, you have to choose Wi-Fi or Network → Settings → Services → Wi-Fi Direct from Web Config Utility.
  • To disable Peer-to-Peer Mode Detach the connection of Epson etl4150 Printer from your PC.

Changing Epson ET L4150 USB To Wi-Fi Connection

If you have connected Epson ET L4150 printers and your PC by using USB Connection, you can change USB ET L4150 Connect setup to Wi-Fi Connect setup if necessary.

  • Detach or Remove USB Cable from Epson ET L4150 printer.
  • Then, Uninstall ET L4150 Printer Software.
  • Now, visit and Download Epson et-l4150 Software by using the instructions on the Start Here Sheet.
  • And, then Install it.

epson et l4150 usb to wifi connection

  Note: If you need to change the password, then make a note of your SSID and password for further purposes.

Disabling Wi-Fi Features of Epson ET L4150

For changing a Network Connection or to solve the Connectivity Issues you have to disable Epson ET-L4150 Printer Wi-Fi Features. To disable Wi-Fi features follow the below basic steps.

  • Press Home button.
  • To choose Setup option use arrow and press OK.
  • Then, select Network Settings button and click OK.
  • Use arrows and pick Wi-Fi Setup Option and hit OK.
  • Now press Disable Wi-Fi and touch OK button.
  • Finally, press OK button to disable Wi-Fi

Enabling Epson ET L4150 Wi-Fi Direct Mode

By enabling Wi-Fi Direct Mode you can allow Direct Communication between Epson ET-L4150 Printer and your Computer or any other devices.

  • If it is necessary, click Home button.
  • Choose Wi-Fi Setup by using arrows and hit OK option.
  • Now, use right arrow to choose Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • Then, click OK.
  • A screen displays then, press OK button for three times.
  • Finally, to complete the Setup click OK.
  • Now, you can see Wi-Fi Icon blinking on the LCD Screen.
  • If you are printing from your PC, then be sure you have Installed the Network Software as per instructions given on the Start Here Sheet.

  Caution: Make a note of your Network SSID and Password, any Network Settings that are used for selecting Epson Connect Services before disabling your Wi-Fi Features.

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