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Epson ET M3170 Mac Printer Setup

Epson ET M3170 Mac Printer Setup Initial Step is, unpack all the materials that protect for ETM3170 Printer. Now, take away by lifting
up the Scanner part and tare all the protective materials. Place down the Scanner unit in its place. Epson ET-M3170 requires
a Network Connection to Set-up. To Get More Details, Go to for Network Connection.

Enable Epson ET M3170 Printer on a MAC

  • Now,   Download the Software and run the Epson ET-M3170 Software Setup for MAC.
  • Tap the Continue button.
  • Then, tap Continue and Agree by having a glance on the Software License Agreement.
  • And, touch Install then tap close.
  • After that, choose your product as“Epson ET M3170 Printer Setup Mac” and click on the Next button.
  • If M3170 Printer has not displayed Automatically, go and open the finder Window then select the Application and go to Epson Software, then double click on the Epson ET M3170 Connect Setup.
  • Now, choose Printer Registration and press Next.
  • When you get the pop up of Register a Printer to Epson Connect, tap OK button.
  • Touch the check box I accept the Terms and Conditions, and click on Next.

epson mac printer setup

  • And if you want to Register a New Product with the Available Account, tap I Already have an Account, fill the Add a New Printer, then press Add.
  • Tap on the Close button.
  • If you wish to Create a New Account, just fill the Create an Epson Connect Account Form, and touch Finish.

How To Connect Epson ET M3170 to MAC Computer

  • ETM3170 Printer will support your MAC Computer. You need a Wi-Fi Network to get connect epson Printer to the MAC Computer Device.
  • Then, you have to connect the Router to M3170 Printer with the Same Network Connection.
  • If you use the Wireless Protected Setup (WPS), you need to refer the Router Documentation for Printer.
  • Now, Go to Application folder and open the Utility.
  • Then, select the base station in the Utility Folder, if it recommends you to the Password of base station.
  • Go to menu bar and select the base station and click Add WPS Printer.
  • Choose “First Attempt” or either “PIN” as the WPS Network Connection to allow. And tap continue.
  • If you had selected the “First attempt,” pull on the WPS button on Epson Printer. When M3170 Printer's MAC Computer Address shows in Utility, then press done.
  • Select “PIN,” then type your ET-M3170 PIN Number that has been listed in the Printer's Documentation. And tap continue.
  • When Epson Printer's MAC address exists in the utility, touch done.
  • Then, quit the Utility.
  • Once ETM3170 Printer had used up to the Wireless Network, you can connect it to your MAC easily.
  • Go and Open the System Preferences and move to Printers and Scanners.
  • After that, click on the Symbol button at the bottom of the lists.
  • Now, Search in for Printers that is connected to the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network.
  • Tap on Epson ET M3170 Printer from the available list.
  • If Printer supports the Airprint setup then Click on Add Now.
  • If ET M3170 Epson Printer does not support to Epson ET M3170 AirPrint, you have to install the Software that is necessary.
  • Tap on Printer name as “Epson ET-M3170 Printer” from the available listed options.
  • Then, click on Add to Download the Software from the Apple (iOS) Servers.
  • Afterwards, touch Add again to add M3170 Printer.
  • If you didn't get the Appropriate Software that is available on your Apple server, you have to Download the Driver from the website. You can also go and download by visiting to for Driver Download. Once, it get installed you can able to Add Epson Printer from the Scanners and Printers Window.

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epson et M3170 adding network

How To Add a Network to Epson ET-M3170 Printer?

  • In the same way, you can Add a Network Printer to which you had a Wireless Printer.
  • If your Epson ET-M3170 Printer is connected to the Wireless or Ethernet Network on your MAC Computer
  • it will make to add from a Default tab in the Printer and Scanner.
  • In case, the Ethernet or Wireless Option is not available.
  • Just Connect et-M3170 Printer to the MAC Computer on the Network or else directly to the Router through the USB Cable Connection.

Steps For Epson ET-M3170 IP Address on a MAC Computer

  • If Epson Printer ET-M3170 has not appeared in the Default tab of Printer and Scanner, so that you have to link it through the IP Tab. Actually, you need to identify Epson ET M3170 Printer's IP Address to do this.
  • The IP Address can be identified by Visiting to any Network on MAC that is aligned to Epson Printer by using the Bonjour Browser. This will be allowed by Default in Safari. In case, you can't allow it by going to the Preferences and Advanced then choose “Include Bonjour in the Bookmarks menu”or else “Include Bonjour in the Favorite Bar.”
  • After, you get your IP Address, type in the Address field in the tab of Printer and Scanner.
  • Give name as Epson etM3170 Setup Printer and choose by selecting from the list. Then click on Add.

epson et M3170 mac ip address

  Note: Epson ET-M3170 Printer Setup is a straight forward process for MAC. If you have any doubts regarding to Setup the Epson Printer for MAC, Visit to for Detailed Information.

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