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epson picturemate pm-225 printer troubleshooting

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PictureMate PM-225 Troubleshooting

Epson PictureMate PM-225 is a Multi-functional printer with all the Comprised Functions like Print, Scan, and Copy. Epson PM-225 Printer is very much comfortable for the customers and user friendly product. The Fundamental points of picturemate pm 225 printer has high efficient quality with high speed printing. Epson PM-225 Printer has the ability to Print multiple photos at a time. You can manually Set out all your Printing Preference for your  Print. If you have any problem with your Epson picturemate pm-225, visit to to diagnose all your issues instantly.

The Problems you may get On Epson PM-225

  • Software Installation Problems
  • Printing and Operation Problems
  • Memory Card Problems
  • Print Quality Problems
  • Problems with Paper Feeding
  • Miscellaneous Printout Problems

Epson Picturemate PM-225 Software Installation

  • If you've Problems while Installing the Epson Picturemate PM-225 Software. Just, follow the below instructions.
  • Don't Connect the PictureMate PM 225 to your Computer Device, until it recommends to connect it.
  • Then,  Connect USB Cable to the PM 225 Printer and your Personal Computer.
  • Now, Close the unwanted other programs, including screen saver & virus protection software. Then, again Install the Software.
  • If you get an error message, then you might have not Installed the Software properly. Just, Visit or Contact your System Administrator.
  • And, be sure that your  USB has connected properly. Then, Contact your Computer Manufacturer.
  • If you are Printing over a Network, go to Epson Printer Support for more instructions on setting up your Epson PictureMate PM-225 Software to use on Network.
  • If you have the old version of picturemate pm-225 driver, make sure to uninstall that software. And, Download the updated new version of Software Driver.

epson picturemate software installation

epson picturemate pm-225 printing problems

Tips for Fast Printing using Epson Picturemate PM-225

  • Printing photos with the borders is much faster rather than borderless printing photos.
  • Before, you make a print directly from Epson Picturemate PM 225, click Menu button and Choose AutoCorrect. Verify that it is set to None.
  • And JPEG files can  print quicker than the Tiff files.
  • If any  USB cable is connected to your Epson PM-225 Printer, First of all Disconnect it.

Epson PM-225 Printing & Operating Problems

If the power light does not get turn on :

If you're using Optional Battery, then your pm-225 printer will automatically shut off for power saving. Touch the ON button to turn back on. Or Just, take away the battery and reinsert it again.

If your PictureMate is On, but it's not printing :

Be sure that  USB cable has connected securely at both the ends. Or else you may have Installed the Software incorrectly.

If the Photo viewer screen is Blank

When the Epson PictureMate PM-225 Printer is not using, then it may turn off after 13 minutes. Touch any button to turn on the screen back.

Make Sounds but Nothing Prints

Just, Confirm that the Print head nozzles aren't clogged. You have to Clean the Print Head. To know about this, visit; we will assist you.

  • Printing is too slow :
    Firstly, clear the space on your Hard Drive.
  • And, close the opened programs; which are not in use.
  • You have to Increase your System's Memory (RAM).

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Epson Picturemate PM-225 Memory card Problems

  • You have to insert only one card at a time.
  • Epson PictureMate PM 225 Printer will recognize and it can print first of 999 photos on Memory Card.
  • If you have copied files from Adobe Photoshop to Memory card, you have to save them as RGB Image Option.
  • If you have faced any problems rather than these, then, visit to for guidance.

Epson Picturemate PM-225 Print Quality Problems

  • If you see any banding light line, you have clean the Print Heads to Improve the Print Quality.
  • Check out your Ink cartridge Status level, if not replace the Ink Cartridge.
  • The Print Head may needs the alignment for  Print Quality.

Photo has Cut off

  • You might have chosen the mismatched Photo size. So that you will get the cropped image by fitting on the layout.
  • When you Choose Borderless Image, your Picture will automatically cropped and expanded. You can adjust it also.

Photo is blur or smeared

  • Confirm that the loaded paper with the glossy, and faced up on a printable side.
  • Make sure, that your paper has not curled or damp, or loaded paper faces down.
  • If not, reload it again properly.
  • Please, take away the sheet from Output Tray after the Completion of Printing.

Photo is Grainy

  • You need to Increase the Image Resolution or Print in a Smaller Size.
  • The Print Head needs the Alignment order to avoid the grainy photo.

Epson Picturemate PM-225 Problems with Paper Feeding

  • You should not load the paper in damp. Try to load the paper from new print pack or package.
  • Be sure, that the paper support is up.
  • If the Paper Doesn't Feed in Epson PM 225 properly, then remove paper from the feeder. Then, reload it against right edge.
  • If multiple paper feeds at once, take away the paper from Feeder and Separate the papers. Then carefully re-load it again.
  • If paper get Jams, just remove the paper and Click OK to clear all the messages.

Epson PM-225 Miscellaneous Printout Problems

  • If your are Printing from your Computer Device, make sure that Epson picturemate pm-225 has selected and its active on.
  • And, if you are printing without the computer device, then make sure that you've not cropped your picture. And it is positioned correctly in Paper Feeder.
  • Examine whether the Layout Options has set out correctly.
  • Mainly The Miscellaneous Printout problems are like.
  • Printer Performance Optimised
  • Display Count Of lines or pages
  • Conditional New Page At the End of The file
  • Rather than these problems, if you face any problems regarding the Epson PictureMate PM-225 Printer on Troubleshoot Issues; just visit Epson Printer Support to re-solving all your troubleshoot problems.
  • We will assist you in a proper way with step by step guidance.
  • You can Instantly solve all your troubles.
  • And we will guide you how to solve all the problems manually.

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