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Epson PictureMate PM-400 Setup

Epson PictureMate PM-400 has a High-resolution and it can prints in a vivid colors which gives you the Good Quality of 4 X 6 and 5 X 7 Photo.
This PM 400 has designed for all the environmental usage. And it's so easy and Convenient printer. It is a Snapshot Printer and it can Prints excellent photos.
And PM-400 Printer comes under several features and it's easy to use.Epson picturemate PM-400 Setup is simple process for configuration

UnPack the Epson PictureMate PM 400 Printer

  • Gently, unpack the Epson PictureMate PM 400. Lift up your Printer from the Wooden Box.
  • Place your Picturemate PM-400 on the flat surface.
  • Eliminate all the stickers, tapes, wrappers from the Epson Picturemate PM 400.
  • Now, Open the Scanner Lid of PictureMate PM-400, eradicate the unwanted plastic covers.
  • Shut down the PM-400 Printer's Scanner Lid.
  • Uncover the Ink Cartridges of your Epson Picturemate PM-400 Printer.
  • Extract all the covers and tapes from the cartridges.
  • Place the ink in the appropriate cartridges.

Turn On PictureMate PM-400 and Config

  • Connect PictureMate PM-400 to the Power Cord to get the electrical circuit.
  • Open the Printer Cover and raise up the LCD Screen, then turn on the PM-400 Printer.
  • By now, Install the Ink Cartridge and remove only the yellow tape. (Should not remove any other seals or it may cause ink leakage)
  • Take out the Cap and Safely dispose it.
  • Now, Open the Inner Cover. You should not touch the White Cable.
  • Press, the ink cartridge down until it settles down on its place.
  • Then, Shut down the Inner Cover.
  • Touch that Ink button to get start the ink charging.

Loading Paper in Epson PictureMate PM-400 Printer

  • You can Print documents and photos on a wide variety of paper sizes up-to 5 X 7 inches and paper type.
  • Just, slide the edge to the right side.

Epson Picturemate PM-400 Printer Setup

  • To load the document paper, insert the paper printable side up & edge left.
  • Slide the edge guide, against the paper; but not tightly.
  • If recommended by PictureMate PM-400 LCD Screen, Choose the type of paper and size that you have loaded.

PictureMate PM 400 Paper Loading Instructions

  • Load the paper, which is against the left side of paper feeding slot.
  • You've to load only recommended number of papers.
  • First load the paper to short edge.
  • Don't load the paper that is above the arrow mark which is inside edge guide.
  • If you face ant troubles on loading the stack of papers, touch each paper; before loading it.
  • You should not load the paper, which has curled, folded or thin paper type.
  • Check out the paper package for additional instructions.
  • Or else, Refer because we Assist you in Step-by-Step Guidance for Picturemate PM-400 Printer Setup so you can get High-Quality of Documents.

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Connect and Print On Epson PictureMate PM-400

  • Be sure, that Epson Picturemate PM-400 has not connected to your personal computer.
  •  Download the Drivers & Utilities Combo Package
  • Go to Epson Printer Support to get the Epson Picturemate PM-400 driver download.
  • After that, double click on the Installer Package that you have downloaded.
  • When you notice the Select your Connection on screen. Select Wireless Connection or Direct  USB Connection.
  • Once Epson PictureMate PM-400 Installation gets completed, then Re-start your  Computer.

epson picturemate pm-400 connect options

Wi-Fi Networking Steps On Epson PM 400 Printer

You can Setup your Epson PictureMate PM-400 to communicate with your Personal Computer using the Wireless Router (or) Access Point. The Wi-Fi Router or Access Point can also be connected to Computer over Wireless or Wired Network Connection.

  • Touch the Home
  • Click the arrow buttons to get Select the Wi-Fi Setup and tap the OK button.
  • Prefer Wi-Fi Direct and Press on the OK
  • Tap OK button again to proceed.
  • Now, Click the down arrow symbol to get Change the Password.

 Note: If you've already Connected Devices or Computers to your PM-400 through Wi-Fi Direct; It will be Disconnected when you get swap the password.

  • Now, Choose Yes and tap OK.And, Enter the new Wi-Fi Direct Password. Your password has to be at least 8 or more than 22 Characters.
  • Touch the Down Arrow symbol to view  Wireless Network Name and Network Password you have selected.
  • Use your Personal  Computer or Wireless Device to Pick Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) which has displayed on LCD Screen.
  • After that, Enter the Password that has shown in screen.
  • Then, Click On OK, and it will proceed to the next step and exit from that page.

PictureMate PM-400 Print Settings On Windows

  • First and Foremostly, Open the document or photo which you wanna print.
  • Next, Select the Print Command in your Application. For that you have to select the Print Icon on Screen.
  • If essential, Choose Epson PictureMate PM 400; that you want to use.
  • if you want to do print settings, You have to Select the Properties and Preferences to get view the Epson PM 400 Print Settings.
  • Select out the Paper Size which you've loaded as Document Size Setting.
  • Choose the User-Defined Setting for custom paper size, but you can't use Borderless Setting.

 Note: If you gonna print a borderless photo or image, choose Borderless. You may  tap Settings to get access the additional options for a borderless printing.

  • Pick out, Orientation of your Document Paper. And, if you're printing an envelope, you might select Landscape.
  • Now, Choose the Paper Type that you've loaded as Paper Type Setting.
  • Pick by selecting Quality Setting that get matches the print quality you wanna use.
  • Next Sequence, is to Select the Color Option.
  • To Print color document or photo, choose Color setting.
  • To Print Graphics and Text in black or shades, Choose Black or Grayscale setting.
  • If you wanna Print paper on both sides, then select double sided printing option.

epson picturemate pm-400 windows print settings

  • To Print multiple copies of paper, and arrange Print order, then "Select the Print Preview."
  • Visit to know more information and guideline setup like: Print Quality Options, Multi-page Printing Options, Double Side Printing Options, Additional Layout and Print Options, Custom Color Corrections, Printing Preset and  Extend Settings

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