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epson picturemate pm-400 wireless setup

PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Setup

Epson PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Setup performs with high quality of print outs and long lasting images or photos. PictureMate PM-400 can quickly share all your special moments. This PM-400 is a compatible one and a portable printer.

Epson PM 400 is a light weight printer and it can also delivers the borderless printing 4" X 6" and 5" X 7" photos. You can Print from your mobile phone like Smartphone, tablet, iPod, and iPhone. And you can use 2.7" color display to preview your photos.

The Picturemate PM-400 can print fast in 36 seconds. You can get stack of photos prints with convenient package from PictureMate PM-400; which includes 100 sheets of Photo Paper (4" X 6") & Ink Cartridge. The Specialty of this Epson picturemate pm-400, the photos won't scratch, smudge, or fade and it will last up-to 200 years.

Specifications of Epson Picturemate PM-400

  • Epson PictureMate PM-400 Printer Setup can print borderless photos in multiple sizes directly through your memory card, camera, and without any use of computer device.
  • PictureMate PM-400 is a Light Weight product and a Portable Printer, which you can carry everywhere. And you can save your spaces and easy to carry in your transport.
  • You can built in  Wireless (Wi-Fi) and Wi-Fi Direct, the Epson PM-400 Connect will allow you to "Print and Share" from anywhere.
  • The PictureMate PM 400 can print stock of photos or images with comfortable print packs, which includes paper and ink).
  • Epson PM-400 Printer gives you the ultimate combo of photo print quality and longevity without any smudge proof and fade resistant.
  • Epson PM-400 Printer has designed and built in "Automatic Photo Correction" by evaluating the digital images. It includes Advanced Face Detection and correcting the color.
  • The Epson PictureMate PM-400 Printer is built with Wireless Network Connection and lets you Print from your comfortable Devices like Computer Device or Laptop, and Mobile Devices.

epson picturemate pm-400 specifications

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Epson PictureMate PM 400 Wi-Fi Infrastructure Mode Setup

You can make your Epson Picturemate PM-400 Setup to get communicate with your Computer Device using the
Wireless Router. The Access Point or Wireless Router can connect to your
computer over Wireless or a Wired Network Connection.

Select Network Settings from Epson PM 400 Control Panel

You've the option that you may Change the Wireless Network Settings using the PM-400 Epson printer's control panel. To get Install the PM-400 printer on a wireless network, just follow the Start Here Sheet and Install the essential Software. No more worries, the Installer program will guide you via  Network Setup.

  • Firstly, Tap On the Home
  • Touch the arrow symbol to select the Wi-Fi Setup & Click on the OK
  • Then, again press on the OK button to get select the Wi-Fi Network (recommended).
  • Tap On the OK button again to get proceed to the next step.
  • Now, Pick on the "Wi-Fi Setup Wizard" & tap the OK
  • Click that arrow button to choose your Wireless Network Name and Press on the OK button. If you didn't find your wireless network name, then you might add your network name manually.
  • To add your Network Name in the existing list, you've to Select the Other Networks and click OK. Then, Enter your Network Name.
  • Next, Enter your Network Password for network security.
  • After finishing all the security steps, press OK to confirm the Wi-Fi Settings.
  • If you need to print a network status report means, press Start
  • At the end of all these process, your Epson PictureMate PM 400 Printer will now connected to your Wireless Network.
  • If not, or if you face any problems regarding your  Wireless Network Connection; get help or visit to to solve your network issues.
  • We will guide you with set of instructions, how to  connect wireless network with your device and pm-400 printer.

Epson PM-400 Printer Changing USB to a Wi-Fi Connection

  • If you've connected the PictureMate PM-400 Printer to your Computer Device using the USB Connection, you may change that to Wi-Fi Network Connection.
  • First and Foremost, you have to Disconnect USB Cable Connection from Epson PM-400 Printer.
  • After removing the USB cable, then uninstall the picturemate pm 400 printer.
  • Next,  Download and Install the Epson PictureMate PM-400 Printer Software from the Epson Printer Support.

Connecting to New Wireless Router

  • If you wanna change the wireless router from what you are using the network, you have to update the Epson PM-400 printer product's Wireless Network Connection to a New Router.
  • Do any one of the following

Windows OS Just, Uninstall the Epson Picturemate PM-400 Printer Driver

OS X : Jump on to the Next Step.

  • Simultaneously, Download and Install the PictureMate PM 400 Software from; to get the appropriate Picturemate PM-400 Driver.

epson picturemate pm-400 change usb to wifi

epson picturemate disabling wireless features

  • If you wanna disable Epson Picturemate PM 400 printer Wi-Fi features, if you change network connection type or you may need to solve a issue with network connection.

 Note: Before disabling the Wireless Features, have a note of your PictureMate PM-400 Printer's Network Name (SSID), Network Password, or any other network settings you've selected for Epson pm-400 Wireless connect setup service you used.

Disabling Epson PM-400 Wireless Features
  • Click the Home button; if it's necessary.
  • And, Press on the Arrow button to choose the Setup and touch the OK
  • Choose your Network Settings and tap OK
  • Select out your Wi-Fi Setup and Click OK
  • Now, Select the Disable Wi-Fi & Press OK
  • At last, select the Yes option and click OK button to get Disable the Wi-Fi Network Connection.

Connecting your Computer Device and Epson PM400 to Wireless Network will be so easy and it's a Simple step process. By using this Wi-Fi Network Setup, you can go anywhere with your PM-400 Printer. And you have to make sure, that you have connected your Router to Wireless Network Connection.

If any problems occurs on your Epson PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Setup while connecting to Wireless Connection, just go to Epson Printer Support to solve all your Network Issues.

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