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Epson SureColor F2100 Setup

Epson SureColor F2100 Printer gives you the Professional Imagining Technologies. F2100 Printer is capable
to produce the inspiring Photographic Prints. SureColor F2100 is an Inspirational
Printer by producing the True Quality in your collections.

epson surecolor f2100


  • First of all Make sure, that you have received all the materials that is necessary for Epson SureColor F2100 Setup.
  • Extract all the Packing material and tapes.
  • Now, Open the Epson F2100 Printer's top Cover and remove all the tapes and materials which is inside that.
  • After that, Open the front cover lid of printer and take away the transportation lock.
  • Connect the Epson surecolor F2100 to the power cable. And, you should not connect with your computer.
  • Press On the Power button & adjust the F2100 Printer Control Panel.
  • Then, Pick Out the language that you want.

First-Time Printer Setup for Epson SureColor F2100

Initial Epson SureColor F2100 is considered as Straightforward and Simple Process when you follow
Instructions on Our Initial Printer Setup gives you whole
Manual Instructions to Config your F2100 Printer.

Step 1: Install the Epson Surecolor F2100 Ink Cartridges

  • Now, Open the Ink cartridge cover of your Epson F2100 Printer.
  • Gently, Shake on that ink cartridge for 4-5 times, then unpack it.
  • Subsequently, Install all the cartridges in the suitable slot.
  • Then, Install the Ink cartridges in their appropriate slot of each color. Just, push the cartridges inside; until it fixes in its place.
  • Now, close down the Ink Cartridge cover.
  • By now, the SureColor F2100 Printer will start charging the ink. It will take some time about 10 minutes.
  • While in Charging Process, you should not turn off your Epson SureColor F2100 Printer or Load any papers, or open any covers.

Step 2: Epson SureColor F2100 Loading Paper

  • Load the A4 Sheet Plain White paper in the Sheet Feeder.
  • Open, the paper support and drag by pulling up the extensions.
  • Now, Open the front cover, and if necessary; extend the Output Tray fully.
  • Insert the paper; by facing it on a printable side up. And Press that button which is present on edge; the slide it against paper.
  • Always Load the Paper in a Short edge, but not in the sideways.

epson surecolor f2100 printer setup

Step 3: Install the Epson Surecolor F2100 Software

  • Please make sure, that Epson Surecolor F2100 Printer is not connected to your personal computer.
  • If you see any USB Cable that has Connected to the Printer and Computer, first disconnect it.
  • Now, Download and Run the Epson SureColor F2100 Software Package from the for easy download.
  • When you find "Select your Connection" , Pick One among the following:
  • Wireless Connection
  • Direct USB Connection
  • Wired Network Connection

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Connectivity Modes of Epson SureColor F2100


Wireless Connection

Software Installer will automatically take an attempt to Surecolor f2100 wireless setup Connection.


Direct USB Connection

Be sure, that you have USB Cable, if not included and visit to get Steps for USB Connection.


Wired Network Connection

Make sure, that you have an Ethernet cable which helps for Surecolor F2100 Wired Network Connection.


Mobile Printing

To Get Print form your Mobile Device, then your Epson SureColor F2100 must Set-up for a Wireless Printing.

Installing SureColor F2100 Printer Driver

Installing Epson Surecolor F2100 is Simple and Straightforward Process and getting Help from Professional is really Beneficial to Setup Epson SureColor F2100 Printer in effective way.

  • To Print with a Network Printer; Initially, you have to Install the Surecolor F2100 Printer Driver on your computer. You can Install the F2100 Printer Driver Manually.
  • Go and Open the Control Panel of Printer F2100, Tap View devices and printers.
  • Then, click on Add a Printer to get Start the Add Printer Wizard
  • After that, Click On Add a local printer.
  • Choose Create a new port button, and pick Standard TCP/IP Port from available list. Then, tap Next button.
  • Now, enter your IP address of the network and finally Click Next.
  • If error appears in the dialog box; Select Standard radio button & Select the Epson Network Printer.
  • At last, Click On the Next
Select Wi-Fi Settings from F2100's Printer Control Panel

You can make your own selection or else change the Wireless Network Settings by using F2100's Control Panel. To get Install the f2100 printer on wireless network, just follow the Start Here sheet; and Install the essential Software Driver.

  • Firstly, Press On the Home
  • And, Touch the Network Status Icon.
  • Then, Select the Epson SureColor F2100 Wireless Setup.
  • Now, Select the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • Likewise, Pick Out the Name of your Wireless Network or you may Enter the Name Manually.
  • Then, Choose your Password field as your wish, and Enter your Wireless Network Password.
  • Verify the displayed Network Settings, and Click OK button to save it.
  • And, If you wanna Print a Network Setup Report, Choose Print Option. (Otherwise tap Done).
  • At end, Press On the Home Icon to get exit from the current page.
Printing Photo In Windows OS

Once, Selecting all your Print Settings; you're ready to save all your Settings and Print. If you have any doubts regarding on Epson SureColor F2100 Print Settings; Just have a Visit to to Select the Print Settings Manually.

  • Tap On the OK button to save your Print Settings.
  • Click the OK button or Print to kick start your printing process.
  • Select the Sheet as Source Setting and Choose the suitable paper type in settings.
  • If you need Borderless Photos, then Select Borderless.
  • And then, Choose Landscape (wide) or else Portrait (tall) to get change the orientation for your printout.
  • Finally, Click On the OK button to close the surecolor f2100 printer settings in windows.
Printing Photos in MAC OS
  • Now, access your page setup dialog box.
  • Simultaneously, Select out your appropriate Paper Size Setting and Orientation Setting.
  • Tap OK button to exit from Page Setup Dialog Box.
  • Select your SureColor F2100 Printer that you're using Printer Setting. Then, Select out the Copies and Pages you want.
  • And, Choose Print Settings from Pop-up menu.
  • At the end of these process, give a try to print on test page. By that you can examine the outcome result of your Printing.
  • To get more details on Print Settings, Go to; Here we will assist you.

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