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Epson Workforce WF-6530 Driver Installation

Epson Workforce WF-6530 Driver Installation is Important for proper functionality of Printer Features. It Print Fast and With
Qualitywhen compares to other Printers. The Printing Cost is so less. Epson Workforce WF-6530 Driver installation also
Supports advanced Scan to Functions and can include Email, Cloud, FTP and Network.

Download and Install Epson Workforce WF-6530 Driver

You can Download and Install Software by using either CD that comes along with Epson Workforce WF-6530 Printer or else from the by Connecting over a network.

  • Initially turned on Epson WF-6530 Printer and the PC and Connect them over on Same Network.
  • Visit Epson Workforce WF-6530 Printer Support.
  • Then, Home will Opens having two options like Driver and WF 6530 Software Setup other is Manual and Documentation.
  • Here the Web Page itself gets Information about your Operating System Automatically.
  • If it is not Correct Otherwise you want to download for Other Version, Choose Operating System that you need.
  • Go to Driver & Software → Driver → Printer Driver → Download.
  • Now, Download will begin.
  • After completion of Downloading, Click on Save button to Save the Downloaded file.
  • Now, Open the Download file and Double click on the .exe file.
  • Click on a Run button to start Epson Workforce WF-6530 Driver Download Process.

Epson Workforce WF-6530 driver installation

  • After Completion of Installation Process, Click on Finish button.
  • Now check whether Epson WF-6530 Printer is Working Properly or not by test the Printing.
  • If not some of the file have not Installed Properly so again repeat the above Steps and Install Properly.

Epson WF-6530 Printer Initial Setup

Epson Workforce WF-6530 Printer can Support Wireless Connection, Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet Connection. WF-6530 Printer
Prints Documents that are Resistant to Water. WF-6530 also Provides with 6.8cm LCD
Touch Screen Without Having Buttons to Operate Easily.

Unpacking and Configuring Epson WF-6530 Printer

  • To set up Epson Workforce WF-6530 Printer for the First time, Remove the WF-6530 Printer and all Packing Materials from the box.
  • Then, Take away all Materials that are used for Protecting Epson WF-6530 Printer.
  • Lift up the Scanner lid until it get locks and Remove all Defending Materials from inside the Printer.
  • Now, Connect the Power Cord at the back of Epson WF-6530 Printer and Plug-in to an Electrical Vent.
  • Then, Rise up the Control Panel of Epson Workforce WF-6530 Printer.
  • Turn on the Printer by Clicking Power Button.
  • Now, Choose Suitable Language, Living Country and Time.
  • Hold up the Scanner Lid Until it gets Locks.
  • After that, Slightly Tremble the Ink Cartridges.
  • At this Instant, Take out the Ink Cartridges.
  • Remove only Yellow Sticker that Presents on the Ink Cartridges.
  • Now, Insert the Cartridge in the Frame Based on Each Color.

Epson Workforce WF-6530 printer unboxing

  • Then, Hold-Down each Cartridge until it Clicks in its Place.
  • Check once whether all the Cartridges are Pushed down in to Place Properly.
  • Then, Close the Scanner Lid.
  • If Prompted, Then Follow the Instructions on the LCD screen of Epson Workforce WF-6530 Printer.
  • Epson Workforce WF-6530 Printer charge Ink Cartridges for 5min after Completion it displays a Message Charging is Complete.

 Caution: Don’t Open Ink Cartridges unless you are Ready to Install Ink. And also don’t remove any other labels or seals that present on the Ink Cartridges otherwise the Ink will leak. Essential point is don’t Touch green chip on the cartridge.

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Epson Workforce WF-6530 paper loading

Load Paper And Connect Fax Line To WF-6530

  • Before loading the Paper Make sure that Ink Cartridges get Charged.
  • Then, Close the Control Panel of Epson wf-6530 Printer.
  • After that, Rise up the output tray and pull out the Paper Holder.
  • Then, Move the Slide Guides to their Corners.
  • Now, Load the Papers Gently.
  • Then, Move the Edge Guides against Paper but don’t slide tightly.
  • Again, Now keep the Paper Holder flat and insert it in its place.
  • Pull the Output tray Extension to hold the Printed Papers.
  • Choose the Papers Setting on the Control Panel of Epson Workforce WF-6530 Printer.
  • After loading the Paper Connect Fax line to Epson WF-6530 Printer.
  • For Connecting Fax line Connect the jack of a Telephone or Phone Cord One End To Wall and Other end to Epson WF-6530 Printer.
  • Then, Click on Proceed button.
Printing With Epson Workforce WF-6530 On Windows
  • Before Printing load the Paper to Epson WF-6530 Printer.
  • Then, Open the File or Document that you want to Print.
  • Go to File menu and Choose Print or Print Setup Option.
  • Now, Choose Epson Workforce WF-6530 Mac Printer Setup.
  • Then, Pick Preferences or Properties to Access the Printer Driver Window.
  • You can Set Paper Source, Document Size, Margin,
    kind of Paper, Orientation etc.
  • Then, Close the Printer Window by Clicking Ok button.
  • Click on Print button to get Print.
Printing Using Epson WF-6530 On Mac
  • Initially, Load the Paper into the Input tray of Epson WF-6530 Printer.
  • Then, Open the Document which you need to Print.
  • Go to File Menu → Print Option.
  • To get More Details Click on Show Details Button.
    • Choose Epson WF-6530 as Printer.
    • If you want to use Previously Registered Settings use Presets Option.
    • If you want print Without Margin, then Click on borderless Option.
    • When you need the Margin, then Choose Paper Size option to fit the paper.
    • The Orientation changes between Landscape and Portrait.
  • Now, Go to Pop-Menu and Choose Print Settings.
  • After Set all requirements that you need to Print.
  • Finally, Click on the Print button.

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