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Epson Workforce WF-M1560

Epson Workforce WF-M1560 Network Connect Setup

  • Firstly, Download and Install the Epson Workforce WF-M1560 Connect Printer Setup Utility.
  • Then, Accept by agreeing the End-User License Agreement, and tap the next button.
  • Click on Install, and Finish the Installation Process.
  • Now, Select Printer name as “Epson WF-M1560 Printer,” and click on the Next.
  • After that, Select Epson Workforce WF-M1560 Printer Registration, and Press next.
  • Choose Agree and Click next.

Wireless Network Setup Using Epson WF-M1560 Control Panel

You may Select & Change Wireless Network Settings with the use of Epson WF-M1560 Printer Control Panel. To get Install Epson WF-M1560 Printer
on a Wireless Network, just follow Setup Instructions on a Start Here Sheet . Then Install Driver that is needed for Epson WF-M1560 Printer setup
by Downloading from the The Epson Workforce WF-M1560 Installation Steps will guide you via the Network Setup.

  • Touch the Home icon button, if it is necessary.
  • Then, go to Network Connection Settings and Click Wi-Fi recommended and Wi-Fi Direct.
  • From that Choose the Wi-Fi (recommended).
  • Tap Start Setup or else Change Settings.
  • Choose Wi-Fi Setup Wizard (WSP).
  • Pick out the name of your Wireless Network or Enter Manually Network Name Manually on Epson Workforce WF-M1560.
  • Choose the Network Password Field and type your Wireless Network Password by using the displayed keypad.
  • You have to enter the Password in Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, and Special or Numeric Characters.
  • Touch left or right arrows to get move the mouse cursor.
  • To get change the Case of Letters, touch this ⇑ icon button.
  • Touch this icon button to Delete the Previous one.
  • To Enter the Symbols and Numbers Click button.
  • Click the OK button after entering your Network Password.
  • Make sure the displayed Network Settings and click Start Setup to Save.
  • If you wish to print the Network Setup report, Choose Print Check Report, Otherwise touch OK button to move.
  • Click the Home button icon to come out from this page. Now, this icon button will display on the LCD Screen and it will connect to Epson WF-M1560 directly from your computer device then print.
  • Be sure that you had done Epson Workforce WF-M1560 Driver Installation to print from computer.
  • If you are not able to see this icon, you had Selected your Network Name wrongly or you had entered the Password Incorrectly. Once, again repeat these same above Mentioned Steps to try again.

Wireless Protected Setup of Epson WF-M1560

If you use Epson WF-M1560 Wireless Protected Setup that is enabled to Access Point or Wireless Router, then only you can Connect
Epson WF-M1560 Printer quickly to your network by using the WPS. To get know how to utilize Wireless
Protected Setup While Connecting a Network, Follow the below Steps

Epson Workforce WF-M1560 WPS to Connect a Network

If you are having the WPS-enabled Wireless Router, use the Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) to link Epson WF-M1560 Printer to the network.

  • Go and Click the home icon button.
  • Network Connection Settings will display, Choose the Wi-Fi (Recommended) Network Connection.
  • Touch Push Button Setup (WPS).
  • Just keep following the On-Screen Instructions on the Epson Workforce WF-M1560 LCD screen to finish the WPS WF M1560 Setup Process.
  • At last, Press the home icon button to get exit from the Network Page.

If you have any doubts on Network Setup for Epson WFM1560 Printer, Go to Epson wf-M1560 Printer Network Setup to get more knowledge.

Epson Workforce WF-M1560 WPS Connect

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Epson Workforce WF-M1560 wifi direct mode

Enable Epson Workforce WF-M1560 Wi-Fi Direct Mode

  • Tap on the Home icon button.
  • Click the Wireless (Wi-Fi) and Wired (Ethernet) Network Connection.
  • Select Wireless Wi-Fi (recommended) from the Network Connection Settings.
  • Choose Start Setup.
  • To get Select the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) use the Wireless Device or your computer that is displayed on LCD Screen, and type the Password that is shown in display.
  • To get back from this page, Touch the Home Screen button.

Wi-Fi Network Settings Using Epson Workforce WF-M1560 Control Panel

Users can Setup the Network by using the control panel of WF-M1560 Printer. To Configure the Wi-Fi Network Settings
From Epson WF-M1560 Printer Control Panel Follow the Instructions that are Displaying below

  • Click on the Home button icon.
  • Tap the Wireless and Wired icon button.
  • Prefer Wi-Fi (Recommended).
  • Pick Change Settings or Start Setup.
  • Choose the Epson WF M1560 Wireless Setup Wizard (WSP).
  • Select Wireless Network Name or else Enter Network Name Manually.
  • Tap the Password filed and Register your Wireless Network Password by using the displayed keypad.
  • While entering the Network Password use the Upper and Lower Case Letters and Numbers or you can use the Special Characters.
  • To get move on the Cursor, Touch the Left arrow or Right arrow.
  • Touch the Up-arrow icon button to edit the Case of Letters.
  • To erase the Previous Character, Click the Cross Symbol Cancel button.
  • Enter Symbols and Numbers, and tap on the Press button.
  • Touch OK button, After entering your Network Password.
  • Make sure the displayed Network Settings and choose Start Setup to get save.
  • If you want a Network Setup Report to Print, Touch the Print Check Report or else Tap OK button.
  • Finally, Click on the home icon button to get back.

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