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epson wf-st-m3000 Mac Printer Setup

Workforce ST M3000 Mac Printer Setup

Epson ST M3000 Mac Printer Setup, Initial step is Un-packing and Removing all the Package Materials. Next Step is Removing Stickers, and Tapes from the Outside for Epson ST M3000 Mac Printer Setup. Use some tool to Unpack all the Covered Materials Carefully.

Now, Connect the Power Cord on the Plug and Switch on Epson ST M3000 Printer. Then Configure Epson Workforce ST M3000 Printer Using Control Panel. First time Epson ST M3000 Printer Setup is Prominent for Smooth Running of Printer.

After that, Install the Ink Cartridges. Then, Load the Paper in the Input Tray that you want to Print. Arrange the Ink Cartridges and Install the Software for Epson Workforce ST M3000 Printer. Then, connect Epson Printer to MAC Computer Device.

Epson ST M3000 Printing Settings On MAC

  • Select Down the basic Print Settings for Photo and Document which you want to Print.
  • Now, Go and Open the Photo or Document that you need to Print.
  • Select the Print icon on your display, Open the File menu and Select the Print Option.
  • Pick out Printer name as Epson ST M3000 Printer in the Printer Setting.
  • Then, Select the Preset as Default Settings.
  • Click on the Show Details button to get more Information and it will get expand the Print Window.
  • Choose the Pages and Copies in the Settings.
  • Select either Orientation or Paper Size.
  • In Preview list, Pick out the Epson Workforce ST-M3000 Print Settings from the notification Menu.
  • Choose Media type settings to load the Paper type.
  • Pick your desired Print Quality setting that you want to use from Epson WF ST M3000.
  • Select the Print options from the available lists.

Epson Workforce ST M3000 Printing Options MAC

You Can Pick anything from the available Print Quality Options to get the good quality of Print. In some Devices it may not available, it depends on the type of Paper and Border setting that you have Chosen.

  • Fast Economy Option is used for the Fastest Printing with the Draft Quality.
  • Economy Option is used for Fast Printing with the Less Quality.
  • In Normal Print Quality Option, that is for everyday Text and Image Printing.
  • Epson WF ST M3000 uses Fine Option for Graphics and Text with the limited Print Speed and Good Quality of Printout.
  • The Quality Option is used for Graphics and Photos with the fine Quality and Print speed.
  • The High Quality print is used for Graphics and Photos.
  • The Grayscale print option used to print texts and Graphics in Gray or black color.
  • Mirror Image is used to flip the Image horizontally.

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Epson WF ST M3000 Page Setup Settings

  • Actually, it depends up on application. You can able to Select the Size of the Paper and Orientation Setting from the Window.
  • Pick out the Paper size that you had loaded the Paper size Setting. You may also choose a custom Setting to Create the Custom Paper Size.
  • Choose the Orientation for Document or Photo as displayed in the Print Window.
  • By Choosing the Paper Handling you can enlarge or reduce the size of the Printed Image.

Epson WF ST M3000 Print MAC Layout Options

  • You may Select the different layout options for Photo and Document by choosing the Layout from the notification menu on the Windows Print.
  • If you want to Print the Multiple Pages within the Sheet of Paper, Choose the number of Pages in WF ST M3000 that you want in the Pages Per Sheet Menu.
  • After that, align the Print Order of the Pages, and Select the Layout Direction Setting.
  • To get borders around each and every page on the sheet, pick the line setting from the Print Border Notification Menu.
  • And, to invert the Printed Image, Touch the Flip horizontally or else Reverse Page Orientation settings.

Workforce ST M3000 MAC Printing Preferences

  • You can also Select the Printing Preferences from WF ST M3000 that apply to print jobs.
  • Go to Apple menu or Dock, Press System Preferences.
  • Touch Print and Scan, or Printers & Scanners, Print and Fax. Choose Printer as “Epson WF ST M3000 Printer” , then Click Options & Supplies.
  • Tap Driver or Options .
  • Pick out the Printing Preference that is available in the list.
  • Finally, Click OK button.

epson wf-st-m3000 Preferences

Epson Workforce ST M3000 Mac Printing Document & Image

Once, you Selected Print Settings, and you are Ready to Print. Tap
Print at the bottom of Print Window.

Epson Workforce ST M3000 Print Status On MAC

  • While you are printing by using Epson WF ST M3000 Printer Setup, you can see the Progress of Control Printing and Print Job. Click on the Printer icon when it shows in the Dock.
  • Choose any of the Following Options:
  • To Get Cancel the Printing, Tap on the Print Job and Touch Delete on WF ST M3000.
  • To Pause the Print Job, Press the Print Job and Click on the hold icon button, to resume Click the Paused Print Job. And to display other Printer Information, Tap the Settings .

Enable Epson WF ST M3000 Printer For MAC

  • Epson WF ST M3000 Printer has to be set-up with the Network Connection. Then, download and run the Epson WF ST M3000 Printer Connect Setup Utility.
  • Click on Continue .
  • Tap Install , and touch Close .
  • Choose Printer name as “Epson ST M3000 Printer,” then Press Next.
  • Click OK button to move on to the next step.
  • If you have an account means no problem or else you have to create new one. After finishing that process, Tap Finish or Add.
  • Finally, Click Close .

 Note: To get more detailed instructions, Go to Epson WF ST M3000 Printer for easy Printer Setup.

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