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Epson XP 245 Connect Printer Setup

Epson XP 245 Connect Setup Helps to Print and Scan Documents, Photos, Email and Web Pages
by using Smartphone, Tablet and Computer from anywhere and anytime
with the Help of Epson XP 245 Mobile Print Option.

Epson XP 245 Connect Services Setup

You have to activate your  Email address for using Epson xp 245 connect when you setup your 245 Printer. If you did not activate, activate it from Control Panel of Epson XP-245 Printer.

  • Choose home button of Epson Printer XP 245.
  • Pick Setup Option and click OK.
  • Then, Find Epson xp245 Connect Services option and hit OK.
  • Now, choose Register/Delete option and Press OK.
  • Then, click on YES and OK button.
  • Activate your email address by following the On-Screen Instructions which available on because we Offer Proper Guidance to Epson Expression Home 245 Connect Services.

Epson XP 245 connect services setup

Epson Expression Home XP-245 Email Print Setup

You can Print from any device that which you can send email by using Epson XP245 Printer Email Print. First activate your Epson XP-245 Printer's unique Email Address.By using Epson XP 245 Printer, Print from any Devices which you can send email like Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

  • Initially connect Epson-xp-245 to your network.
  • If you didn't setup Email Print while installing Epson XP-245 Printer, then go to and create your Epson Connect Count then Register it to Epson Connect Service.
  • After registration, you can now Send and Print Emails to Epson xp245 printer Email Print Address.

iPrint Mobile App Setup For Epson Expression XP 245

iPrint is free app that was developed by Apple like XP 245 AirPrint. By using this you can Print and Scan with Networked Epson printer xp 245. You can save the Files on your Device and also you can send Document as an Email.

  • Firstly, Connect Epson XP245 Printer to a Wireless Network.
  • Get the information about iPrint from Epson support printer and also check the Compatibility of your Mobile Device.
  • From Google Play Store, Download Epson XP 245 iPrint App.
  • Now, Connect your Mobile Device to the Wireless Network to which you had connected Epson expression home xp-245.
  • Then, open Epson iPrint App and pick your Epson XP-245 Printer.
  • Now you can Print with your Mobile Device and xp 245 printer.

Epson XP 245 Print mobile app

Epson XP 245 Creative Print Mobile App Importance

By using Creative Print Mobile App, you can Access and Print your Facebook and Instagram Photos. You can also create Greeting Cards and Stationery.

  • Connect Epson XP 245 to Wireless Driver.
  • Go to Epson Support Install get Knowledge about Epson Creative Print Mobile App and also Verify the Compatibility of your Mobile Device and your Epson-xp-245.
  • Now Download the Creative Print Mobile App of Epson from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Then, connect your Mobile Device to the Wireless Network that which you Connect it to your Epson printer xp 245 previously.
  • Now, Open Creative Print App and use it.

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Remote Print setup For Epson Expression Home XP 245

  • Fix your Epson xp 245 printer over a Wireless Network.
  • Initially,Setup Epson Connect Account while Installing Epson XP 245 Printer Software, if not go to and create your Account and Register it to Epson Connect Service.
  • To get the more knowledge about Remote Print, go and visit Epson support install and also get knowledge of Downloading it.
  • Then, Download and Install the Remote Print Software.
  • While using Remote Print, enter your Mail Address and optional Access Key of your Epson xp245 printer.
  • Now, select the Print from your PC or Laptop and pick Remote Print Button for your XP-245 Printer.
  • Then, you can Print now by using Remote Print.

Mopria Print Service Setup for Epson XP-245 Printer

Mopria Print Service will use to Print from your Android phone or tablet to your Epson XP-245. You can download Mopria Print service from Google play.

  • Initially, connect your Epson XP-245 Printer to your Wireless Network.
  • Now, Download Mopria Print Service from Google Play in your Android Device.
  • To enable Mopria Print Service, go to Settings on your Android Device and choose Printing Option.
  • Then, Connect your Android Device over a Wireless Network to which you had connected to Epson printer xp 245 before.
  • From Android Application such as Chrome or Email, go to Menu Icon and Tap it.
  • Then, choose Print option.
Android Printing by using Epson Expression Home XP-245
  • Formerly, connect your Epson expression xp-245 over a Wireless Network.
  • Now, download Epson Print Enabler Plug-in from Google play.
  • Visit Settings→Printing→Enable Epson Plug-in.
  • Then, Connect your Android Device over the same wireless network to which you had connected Epson printers xp 245 previously.
  • Now you can Print from any Android Application.
  • If you face any Issues During Mobile Setup, visit to Get On-Screen Instructions for Epson XP-245 Printer.

  Note: While using this printing if you didn't discovery your Epson-xp-245, then Tap All Printers and choose your Printer as Epson XP-245.

Epson XP 245 android print

AirPrint by using Epson XP245 Printer

AirPrint is a technology which has developed by Apple. By using AirPrint, you can Print from Devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac OS.

Airprint Feature is Compatible only to Apple iOS device. To Make use of the Epson XP 245 AirPrint Feature, Epson Print must Connect to the Identical Wireless Network.This Feature Makes Printing from Easy.

The main Benefits of Apple AirPrint is that Print wirelessly from Epson XP 245 Printer.

  • Initially, Load Paper in Epson xp 245 printers.
  • Connect xp 245 printer and Android Device that is using for Printing over on same Wireless Network.
  • Now, choose Print option and get print from Epson-expression home xp-245.
  • If you want Epson XP 245 Mac Printer Setup, then AirPrint Feature is the Best option Because it allows you to Print Documents at your Mobile Device like Apple and iOS

 Caution: If you disable the Configuration Messages on your Epson Expression Home XP-245 Control Panel, then you can't use AirPrint.

Google Cloud Print Using Epson XP-245 Printer

If you are having Google Account, then you can Print from your Apple or Android Device to your Epson XP-245 Printer. By using Chrome Books and Google Chrome Browser without any Epson xp 245 Drivers or Cables.

  • Connect your Epson Printer and Android Device over on same Wireless Network.
  • Now, Note your Network IP Address and Verify your Network Status.
  • Then, enter your IP Address in the Address Bar of a Web Browser.
  • Choose Google Cloud Print Services Option.
  • Click on Register Button.
  • Choose Check Box and click Next Button.
  • Now, press OK button.
  • Then, a Browser Window Opens.
  • Enter your Username and Password and hit on sign button and sign up for Google Account and follow the Instructions that are displaying on the screen.
  • To complete Setup, Click Finish XP 245 Printer Registration button and test to Print.

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