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Epson XP 352 Windows 10 Setup

Epson Expression XP 352 All-in-One Printer is the Finest and compact house All-in-One Printer and it
has Rear-Loading Paper Feeder. Epson XP-352 might Connect to your Computer via USB It comes with
Fantastic numbers of Features like Reload Paper Frequently, Easy Navigation and Setup,
Creative Print Cellular Program, and Individual Ink Cartridges.

If you want to Scan, Print or Copy Documents, then Epson Expression XP-352 is the Best choice. It is having Capability to provide Custom Made Photo Collages. It is Packed with the Realistic and Convenient Features. It makes Navigation and Setup easy.

When it comes to the Features of Epson printers xp 352 then it includes Epson America, RoHS Complaint, Energy Star Qualified and Recyclable One.

Epson-xp-352 Printer has Built-in Memory Card so it can Provide Borderless Photo Printing, Photo Restoration, and Red-Eye Removal

Obtain all your Printing needs from Quiet, Sleek, And User-Friendly XP-352. It Offers Fade, Instant Dry Ink for Smudge, and Water Resistant Prints.

Epson XP 352 Windows 10 Setup

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Epson XP 352 Printer Setup for Windows 10

Windows 10 is streamlined for Performance and Security. It Works with the apps from Windows Store. There are Three apps there for Epson like Windows Scan, Windows Fax and Scan, and Epson Print and Scan. Fortunately, Windows Scan App helps to Scan Pictures and Documents easily.

If you seek for Windows 10 Epson XP 352 Printer Setup, then connect it to Windows 10 Device with the Network Connection or USB. Before you plan to Print Photos or Documents from Windows 10 Computer, Install Epson 352 Software. It is the Best idea to get Epson-Expression Home XP-352 to Update your Software.

Basic Epson XP352 Print Settings For Windows 10

Epson Printers XP 352 is the Best and Finest printer to get Top-Notch Printing Documents. You should choose the General Settings for the Photos or Document for Printing. After that, choose print command at your application.Remember one thing; you must choose Print Icon at your screen.

Firstly, go to File Menu and look at the Application. If necessary, choose Epson expression xp 352 and pick a Quality Option Settings that is Suitable to your Print Quality and Content that you want to use.Visit to get more Information about Epson XP 352 Print Settings for Windows 10.

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Basic Print Option For Epson XP-352 Windows 10

By using Epson Printers XP 352, you can customize your Print. Some of the option could be Unavailable or Pre-selected based on other Settings which you choose.

  • Fix photo- It enhances the Contrast, Color, and Sharpness of the Flawed Photos. It uses the Sophisticated Face Recognition to Optimize your Images.
  • Reverse Order- This is the Best Print option which is useful to Print Multiple Pages last page first.
  • Fix Red-Eye - Removes or Reduces the red-eye in images.
  • Print Preview- Before Printing, it displays preview of printout.

Epson XP 352 Print Option

How To Enable Double-Sided Printing in Epson XP-352

You might print on both sides of paper by choosing 2-sided printing option from the main tab. Choose any of the options for two-sided printing like

  • Short-edge binding manual- It helps to print double-sided print job by prompting to flip paper over short edge.
  • Long-edge binding- It is one of the best methods to print your document on the long edge.
  • After that, choose settings option. Similarly, pick double-sided printing option that you want to use.
  • Select OK to go back to a main tab.
  • If possible, print test copy of the double-sided document.
  • Follow the On-Screen instructions which displayed on a screen during the printing.

Procedures To Use Epson Printer XP-352 Mobile Printing

Now a day, Technology has improved a lot so you can Print from Windows 10 to Networked Epson XP 352 Printers. You no need to Install Driver, No Software to Download, or No Cable to connect. Just look at the Print option at your Windows 10 Application which is useful to Print your required documents.

  • Firstly, connect your Epson Printer for XP 352 Wireless Driver.
  • Afterward, Link your Windows 10 Mobile Device to identical Wireless Network.
  • Now, you ready for printing your required Documents. From your Windows 10, choose the print option and select Epson Expression XP 352 for Printing Documents.

Visit Epson printer support to understand about the Windows 10 Mobile Printing and check compatibility of the mobile device.

Do you Need any Printer Help & Guidelines?

Our Professional Experts will Give you the Guidance & Support
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How To Solve Issues XP 352 Printing From Windows 10

Epson Expression Home XP-352 Printer might not work properly when you Installed improperly. When it comes to the Troubleshooting for Windows 10 then it includes

  • Epson XP-352 Icon might not appear in Windows Taskbar
  • Nothing Prints
  • Printing is slow
  • Error after Cartridge Replacement
  • Printer Offline
  • Printer not found during Driver Setup

Epson XP 352 Troubleshooting

If XP352 doesn't appear in Windows Taskbar, Follow Steps
  • As a Windows 10 user, Right click on the Windows Icon and Go to Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound. After that, choose Devices and Printers.
  • Likewise, Right-click on the Epson Printer XP 352 and choose Printing Preferences. If necessary, select your Epson XP 352 Printer.
  • Go to Maintenance Tab-> Extended Settings.
  • Choose "Enable Status Monitor 3 and press OK.
  • Press a checkbox to the option which might add the shortcut icon for the Taskbar.
Ways To Fix Error XP 352 After Cartridge Replacement

In case you see an Error Message or Error Light when you replace the Ink Cartridge, follow the procedures like

  • Check whether the Print Head is in an Ink Cartridge Replacement Position.
  • Suppose print head is not in an Ink Cartridge Replacement Position, follow the procedures that is beneficial to you.
  • Discard and Reinsert the Ink Cartridges. Be sure that push it into the slot.Visit to get Excellent Customer Support for Fixing Printer related issues.

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