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Epson XP 4105 Network Connect Setup

Epson XP 4105 Network Connect Setup

Epson XP 4105 Network Connect Setup is Suitable Option to both Home and Business Purpose. It is having Resolution 2.7 Color LCD makes Setup and Navigation easily. The compressed Epson Printer XP 4105 allows you to Print from anywhere, with or without Network.

Epson Expression XP-4105 Prints 100 Sheet Papers. By using Wi-Fi Direct, you can directly Print from Mobile Devices by using many Protocols, including Epson Connect Solutions, Epson Email print, Epson Remote Print, Epson iPrint and Scan App.

Epson xp4105 printer Scan Feature include Scan to Memory Card, Scan to PDF, Scan to PC and Scan to Email. Affordable individual ink so that you have to replace only Cartridges when runs out. By using Epson creative Print App, you can print Instagram  and Facebook Photo Collages.

Epson XP 4105 Printer Network Setup

The Epson XP-4105 Printer can Connect by using Three Connectivity Modes named as USB,
Wireless, and Wi-Fi Direct. Follow the basic Guidelines discussed below based
on your required Connectivity Mode.

Wireless Setup for Epson XP 4105 Printer

You can Connect Epson-expression home xp-4105 by choosing Wireless Network Settings. From the below basic Steps, you can Setup Epson xp-4105 printer by using Wireless Connection Method.

  • Go to Home button for Epson XP 4105 Windows 10 Setup.
  • Choose Wi-Fi Setup and hit OK button by using Left and Right arrows.
  • Then, click see Connection details button in Wi-Fi Setup Window and press OK.
  • A message displays on your Computer “select Wi-Fi when you have a Wi-Fi network” and Click on OK button from Epson xp4105 printer.
  • Now, select your Preferred Network and Click on it.
  • Then, Window Displays with options Epson XP 4105 Wireless Setup Wizard and Push Button Setup(WPS).
  • Choose Wi-Fi Setup Wizard by clicking OK button.
  • Now, choose your preferred Network Name by using the UP and Down arrows from the existing list.
  • If your Network not present in that list then, add your Network Manually.
  • For choosing automatically, you have to enter your Network Name SSID and click OK.
  • Now, enter your Wireless Password.
    • Choose the Font Size and press OK button.
    • Prefer Space button to enter the Space and hit OK button.
    • Make a choice as back arrow for deleting the characters and press OK.
    • After finishing the above steps, click done and OK buttons.
  • To confirm the Wi-Fi Settings press OK button.
  • If you want to Print the Network Status, then choose YES and press OK. If not choose NO and press OK.
  • Then, go to start button and click on it.
  • Now your Epson expression xp 4105 Printer displays Wi-Fi Icon with Connection Bars on the LCD Screen.

  Note: If you selected wrong Network that is you did not selected Proper Network then the Wi-Fi Icon will not be displayed on the LCD Screen. So, choose the Network carefully.

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Wi-Fi Direct Setup for Epson Printers XP 4105

You can connect Epson xp4105 Printer to your PC or Laptop without having any Wireless Router or Access Point by using Wi-Fi Direct Mode. That allows the Communication between Epson xp 4105 network setup and the Computer directly.

  • If it necessary, visit Home button of Epson XP 4105 Printer and Hit it.
  • Choose Wi-Fi Setup and click OK.
  • Now, click on Connection Details button and a Window Opens and shows the Connection Status.
  • Click on OK button.
  • Then, Wi-Fi Direct Setup Window Opens and press OK at bottom.
  • There you can Change the Wi-Fi Password.
  • Now, enter your Wi-Fi Password.

Epson XP 4105 Wi-Fi Direct Setup

  • Now, enter your Wi-Fi Password.
  • After entering the Password, click OK.
  • Then, a Screen displays with your Network Name and Password that you enter.
  • Notice that your Network Name has to start with “DIRECT”.
  • Press OK button to exit from that screen.
  • You can see either AP or Direct Connection Symbol on the LCD Screen of Epson xp4105 printer and it should Connect directly from your Computer to Epson printer xp 4105.
  • Then, Test for Printing.
  • Make sure whether you had installed the Network XP 4105 Software Setup as per the Instructions that are on Start here Sheet.
  • If AP or Direct Symbol not displays on the screen then your Wi-Fi Direct Mode is disabled so try the above steps again.


  • If you had already connected your Computer or any other devices to Epson xp4105 printer by using Wi-Fi Direct Mode, they will be disconnect after changing the Password.
  • So, make a note of your Network Name and Password that appears on the screen.
  • See that your Password should have at least 8 and not more than 22 characters Length.

USB Setup for Epson Expression XP-4105

You can connect your Epson XP-4105 Printer either at Home or Business by connecting to Epson printers xp 4105 using a USB Cable.

  • Crisscross that your Epson xp4105 printer is not physically connected to Computer via USB Cable.
  • Insert the Software Disc that comes along with Epson xp-4105 printer into Computer.
  • If you are not having that disc then, go to to Download and Install the Epson XP 4105 Wireless Driver.
  • Then, click on the Agree Button after reading the License Agreement Instructions.
  • After Downloading, click on the setup.exe file.
  • To run Downloaded File, click on the Run button
  • Click on the Install Button and follow the Instruction that are displaying on the screen.
  • Then, choose your Preferred Connection option as USB Connection.
  • Now, attach a USB Cable to Epson xp 4105 printers and Computer.
  • Follow the Instructions that are prompted on the screen for xp 4105 Printer Installation successfully.

Epson XP 4105 USB Setup

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