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Epson XP 440 Scan Setup

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Epson XP 440 Printer Scanner Setup

Epson XP 440 Printer Scanner Setup is the Versatile option for your Office and it can Handle any Printing task. It has Built-in connection which Allows you to Print from anywhere Virtually. Epson xp440 has Capability to Print Border-less Images in a Huge Array of sizes like A4, 16:9 Wide, Letter, and 3.5'' X 5''.

XP-440 Printer is having Excellent potential to Scan Documents to the PDF, Memory Card, Email, or Computer. It is Compatible with Wide Varieties of Media like Matte, Prints on Envelopes, Photo Paper, and Glossy Paper.

There are tons of reasons there to choose Epson Expression Home XP-440 Printer like Designed for Recyclability, Eco-Conscious choice, and Energy Star Certified. The main Attractive Features of Epson printer xp 440 is that Compatible with Epson XP 440 Mac Printer Setup and PC. If you use xp-440, then you can Get Awesome numbers of Advantage like Easily Adjust, Small Size without Compromise, Great Performance, Complete Wireless Solution, and Reload Paper less often.

Epson XP 440 Scan and Print App

Use the Free app for Printing Photos and Scan from Pro Tablet or Windows Surface RT with Network Enabled Epson Expression XP 440. It allows you to Capture and Scan Images which right for your Microsoft OneDrive or Tablet.

  Note: Remember one thing; Windows 10 Mobile Printing might not Support by Epson XP440 Printer so try to Connect it to the Wireless Network.

  • Visit Microsoft Windows Store to download the App.
  • After that, connect your Tablet to the identical Wireless Network.
  • Finally, open your Epson printers xp 440 Print and Scan app which helps to Scan your Document in Effective Way.

Instructions to Scan from Scanning Program

Just start Epson Expression XP-440 Scan 2 from the Twain-Complaint Program to pick the Scan Settings. This rung is useful to open Scanned Images in a program. After that, choose Epson XP-440 printer to Get Top-Quality  Scanned Documents.

In specific programs, choose Epson XP 440 printer as the source. In case you see, choose Source option, pick XP-440. If you want Epson XP 440 Windows Setup, should not choose the WIA option because it might not work properly. Visit to Get Instant Solution for Epson XP 440 Printing Related Issues.

Additional Scanning Settings for Epson XP-440 Printer

You might Choose the additional Scanning Settings on an Epson XP440
Advanced Settings Tab. Based on the other settings, choose
the best one as per your Requirements like

  • Color restoration- Helps to Restore a colors in Faded Images automatically.
  • Unsharp mask- Creates a Edge of the specific image areas and switch off the option to disappear Softer Edges.
  • Descreening- This setting is useful to discard the pattern which may appear in the Shaded Photo Areas like Skin Tones. It can Enhance the results when you Scan Newspapers or Magazines.
  • Dust removal- From your Original Document, it Removes Dust Marks Automatically.Visit to know about the Additional Scanning Setting for Epson Expression Home 440 Printer which helps to make use of Epson 440 Printer in Effective Way.
  • Text enhancement- It can Sharpen Appearance of the Letter in the Text Documents.
  • Threshold- It Improves Text Recognition in the Optical Character Recognition Programs.
  • Color enhance- It Enhances a Shade of color which you choose in a Scanned Image.
  • Gamma- It is the Best Scan Setting option and it Adjusts Midtone Density of a Scanned Image.
  • Edge Fill- It corrects Shadowing across an Edge of the Image by filling your Shadows with White or Black.

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Scanning Documents using Epson XP 440 Control Panel

Easily Scan your Document or Image to your Computer by Using Epson XP440 Printer Control Panel. If you do it properly, Epson expression xp-440 printer can automatically choose the suitable Default Scan Settings.

  • Check whether you have installed the Appropriate Epson XP440 Software which helps for Epson XP 440 Network Connect Setup.
  • After installing the XP-440 Software, Restart your computer which enables Scanning option from a Epson XP 440 Printers Control Panel. Also, make sure that Event Manager Program might not blocked by Security Software or Firewall.
  • If necessary, choose a Home button. To pick Scan option, choose Right or Left Arrow button.
  • Here, you can get Tons of option to Scan your Document and select the Best one as per your needs and click OK button like
    • Scan to Computer ( JPEG)- Helps to save scan file directly for your computer.
    • Scan to Memory Card- Allows you to choose the Quality, File Format, and other Print Settings.
    • Scan to Cloud- It is especially Designed for Cloud Account and it can save your time.
    • Scan to Computer (Email)- It can Scan your Original Document and attach it to the message at your Email Program. Choose the e-mail Program which you want to Resize and Use.
    • Scan to computer (PDF)- It is useful to save your Scan as the PDF file for your Computer.
  • If you want to Scan to your Computer, then choose "How to Connect your Epson printer xp 440 for Computer".
  • To start the Scanning Process of Epson xp440 printer, choose the Start button.

How to Change Default Scan Settings in Epson XP 440?

You can Easily Change or View the Default Scan Settings while you Scan for your Computer by using the buttons. In order to do this, try to use the Event Manager Program. To open the Event Manager, follow the below Instructions like

  • If you are a Windows User, choose Windows Icon and Go to All Apps→Epson Printers XP 440 Software→Event Manager.
  • Navigate to the Apps Screen and choose Event Manager when you use Windows 8.x.
  • Suppose you use other Windows Versions, Click Windows Icon and Visit Start→All Programs→Epson Software→Event Manager.
  • After that, choose Scanner from the Drop-Down List and choose Epson-Expression Home XP-440, if necessary.
  • Press Settings and open your Edit Settings Drop-Down List.
  • Finally, press Close which is useful to close Event Manager Window.

Epson XP 440 Scan Settings

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