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Epson XP 610 Wireless Setup

Epson XP 610 Wireless Setup is considered as Straightforward and Simple Process. Helps for Printing Tasks like Copy or Scan Paper,Create a
Paper Copy of a Document, Images that you created on your PC or Laptop. It Supports Wireless Network, you can transferred via
your Network or USB to the Epson-XP-610 Printer. Epson XP-610 mainly manufacture for Home users.

Wireless Setup Instructions for Epson XP 610

To Communicate the Epson Printer with Your PC, you have to Choose Epson XP 610 Connect Setup and your Computer over a Wireless Network. You change the Mode of Connectivity from the Settings on your XP610 Printer Control Panel. Follow the blow discussed basic steps for Epson xp 610 wireless setup.

  • Click on the Home button, if it is necessary.
  • Touch the Left or Right arrow button to choose the Wi-Fi Setup and hit OK button.
  • Then, Wi-Fi Setup Window opens.
  • Now, click on OK button.
  • Then, Screen opens as Connect via Wi-Fi.
  • Pick Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and OK button.
  • Select your Network Name by using up and down arrow button and hit OK.
  • If you didn’t find your Network in that list, then enter your Network Name Manually.
  • Now, enter your Network details like Network Name and then Password.
  • Focus the Characters or a Function button that are displaying on the Keyboard by using Arrow buttons.
  • Then, choose it by clicking OK button.
  • You change the Font by using options present on the window.
  • Choose a space and press OK.
  • Select back arrow to delete characters and Hit OK.
  • After finishing the entering the characters, click Done and OK buttons.
  • Then, confirming the Wi-Fi Settings by clicking on OK button.
  • Click on YES and OK buttons to Print the Network Status Report.
  • And press the Start Button.
  • Now, you can see the Wi-Fi Icon lights up with connection bars that presents in the upper right corner of the LCD Screen of Epson expression xp-610.
  • Visit to get Instant Help for Epson Expression Home XP 610 Wireless Setup

  Caution: Epson Printers XP 610 is not Responsible for backing up data or Retrieving the data. If the Wi-Fi Icon didn’t light up, you might have chosen Wrong Network so repeat it and choose your supposed network.

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Wi-Fi Direct Setup For Epson XP-610 Printer

You can Setup your Epson XP-610 Printer to Communicate directly with your Computer or another Device without requiring of any
Wireless Router. This can be done with the help any one of these Two Modes.The Two Types of Connectivity Modes are
Access Point Mode and another is Peer-to-Peer Mode .

Epson XP 610 Setup in Access Point Mode

  • In Access Point Mode, the Epson XP-610 Printer itself act as Network Access Point and Connect up to any 4 devices.
  • On the LCD Screen of your Epson xp 610 printers, it displays AP Connection Symbol if it works in Access Point Mode.
  • Access Point Mode is One of the Best Ways to Connect Epson XP 610 Printer to Computer because it has Fantastic Features.

Epson XP 610 Peer-to Peer Mode setup

  • While operating by this mode, Epson XP-610 displays Direct or D Symbol on its LCD Screen.
  • For Disconnecting Peer-to-Peer Mode Connection, Remove the connection of your Epson XP 610 from your computer.
  • Enable Peer-to-Peer Mode, choose Web Config Utility ;Go to
    Wi-Fi/Network→Settings→Services→Wi-Fi Direct.

Change Epson XP 610 USB Connection Mode To Wi-Fi Connection?

You can change the Connection Mode of your Epson Printers XP 610 to Wi-Fi Connection, if you connected it to your PC or Laptop by using USB.

  • Remove the USB cable from Epson XP-610 Printer.
  • Then, Uninstall Epson XP610 Printer Driver Software.
  • After uninstalling the Software, again Download it from XP-610 by using the Instruction on the Screen.
  • If you face any difficulties while changing USB connection to Wireless Connection, Visit because we Provide Proper Guidance for Wi-Fi Connection.

How To Connect New Wi-Fi Router For Epson XP-610 Printer?

If you need to change your Router that you have been using previously on your Network, you have to Upgrade Epson XP-610 Printer Wi-Fi connection to the New Router.

  • Do any one of following based on your Operating system.
  • Now, Download and Install Epson XP 610 Wireless Driver & Software from Epson Setup by using the instructions that are present on Start Here Sheet .
Amazing Steps For Disabling Wi-Fi Features On Epson XP610 Printer

If you want to change the Network Connection from Wireless to other and also to Resolve the Connectivity issues with Network means you have to disable the Wi-Fi Features of the Epson Support Printer.

  • Go to Home button.
  • Then, click on Setup button by using left and right arrows.
  • Now, press OK button.
  • Choose Network Settings and click OK button.
  • Then, a Window Opens with Network Settings in that, choose Wi-Fi Setup and hit OK.
  • Now you can see Disable Wi-Fi option on the down of the Wi-Fi Setup Screen, select it.
  • And then, Press OK.
  • Now your Wi-Fi Connection had disabled.

 Note: Make note of your Network Name (SSID) and also Password or any other Network Settings that used for connecting Epson-expression home xp-610 printer before displaying Wi-Fi Features.

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