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Epson XP 635 AirPrint Printer Setup

Epson XP 635 AirPrint Setup is the Excellent Features of Mobile Printing Solution. It has ability to Provide
Top-Notch Printing through a Wireless Network Connection or else directly to Airprint suitable printers.
Airprint does not need any Epson XP-635 Printer Specific Drivers.

Features to Setup Epson XP 635 Printer for Airprint

Epson XP 635 AirPrint Feature was firstly planned for iOS Apple devices and it was connected only through Wireless Network Connection, that’s why needed a Wi-Fi Access Point. Airprint has the ability to print from an iPad or iPod, iPhone over the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network to your Epson Expression Home XP-635 for Epson Printer. It helps you to create the High-Quality of printed Output without any Download or Installing xp-635 Drivers.

It is very Easy to Use and make a Print at anytime and anywhere. It can able to Print the Photos and Documents from your iPhone, iPod and iPad without any additional Epson XP 635 Driver Installation or Software Installation. Airprint is constructed with most Epson XP-635 Printer; it contains Easy Discovery, Enterprise Class Finishing Options, and Automatic Media Selection. Airprint enables in XP-635 Epson Printer.

Airprint has the specialty to Enable the  Wireless (Wi-Fi) Print to your Apple Devices such as, iPhone, iPad, iPod to run the process of iOS Latest Version.Firstly, you need an Apple Mobile (iOS) Device to get use the AirPrint.

epson xp 635 airprint setup

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How to utilize the Apple (iOS) Airprint Features with the XP 635 Epson Printer?

  • Load the Paper in your Epson Printer.
  • Now, Set Up your XP-635 Printer for a Wireless (Wi-Fi) Printing.
  • Then, connect your Airprint Device with the same Wireless Network Connection that your xp635 printer is using.
  • If your Network is not available, create a New Network Name in the space bar or either if you want to connect to any other different network; type a Network Name and add into the available network list.
  • Afterwards check out your Epson XP 635 printer Network Connection. If it does not connect properly, please try again to  Connect your 635 Printer to the Network Connection with patience.
  • Get start your printing process from your Apple device to your Epson XP-635 printer. You can make a Print from your any other apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with Epson-Expression Home XP-635.

  Note: To get more details and information, visit to for Airprint.

epson xp635 air-print setup

How To Print Photos And Documents Using The Airprint Device With Epson XP-635 Printer?

Airprint Device Supports all Paper Size but A4 Sheet Paper will be the most suitable for Epson expression xp-635 not only to the Epson printer. It all depends upon the App. For instance, Safari and Mail supports the A4 Sheet Paper and Letter Sized White Plain Paper, even Photos and Camera Supports the 4X6 Photo Premium Glossy Paper.

  • First, switch on Epson xp635 printer. Then, go and download by installing the Ink Cartridges and load the paper in the Main Input Tray of your XP-635 Printer.
  • Now, go to your Mobile Device and open the file that you want to make a Print, select that and Tap on the Share Icon button.
  • Tap Print or else Tap the Print Icon button to get open the Epson xp-635 Printer options.
  • Touch select XP635 to get awesome quality of Printing Documents. If you want to change the Print Job Settings means you may change it.
  • In fact, you can also change the Paper Size Settings also on Epson-expression home xp-635. Actually, the Airprint device will automatically find the Paper Size that has to be loaded in the Epson XP-635 Printer.
  • There is another way to change the Paper Size Settings, go to Epson Printer Control Panel and you may select the Paper Size.
  • If the Paper Size seems different and does not support to your Epson XP-635 Printer means it will cause the error. So, make sure while you are Loading the Paper into the Input Tray.
  • Finally, select the file to Print and carry on the Printing Process.
  • If any problems or issues faced, go to Epson Printer Support for a helpline customer support. We are here to solve all your issues and answer all for your quires related to Epson XP-635 Printer.

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How to get XP 635 Airprint work on Apple devices?

Before Initiating the Epson XP 635 AirPrint Setup process, verify that your Epson XP-635 Printer allows
Airprint. Prefer Wi-Fi for Epson XP 635 Printer Network Connect Setup.Confirm that
you permit the Bonjour Settings on Epson expression XP 635.

Tricks to connect the AirPrint Device to XP635 Printer
  • If you have any problems, just switch off the Airplane Mode in your Apple Mobile Device. And wait for a while and then switch on by turning back and you will be safe and problem get solved.
  • Another trick to Reinstall Password go to Epson XP 635 Wireless Setup and use the Wi-Fi Wizard.

You can also get help by visiting for all Epson Expression Home 635 Queries and Issues.

Rules for Airprint Device on Epson XP635 Printer
  • The most important thing, you should not Connect it to the Public Network. It will not support the Public Wireless Network Connection. For Example, Hotspots or else Public Wi-Fi, Even Cellular Data and Bluetooth Connections also will not Support to Airprint Device.
  • So you will always get the problem that “No Airprint Epson XP-635 Printers found” while you take an attempt to Print through the Public Wi-Fi Connection. This has to be only connected to the Private Wireless Network.

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